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October is Financial Planning Month

October is Financial Planning Month

| October 15, 2021
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October as Financial Planning Month, which makes it an excellent time to review the 8 Wealth Management Issues® that we use to help build your wealth management plan:


  • Investment Management: Discussing your unique needs allows me to create an investment strategy designed to meet those specific areas of focus, rather than simply sifting through the latest trends and investment hype.

  • Cash Flow & Debt Management: By evaluating how you spend your money each month, I may be able to identify opportunities for improving your cash flow, such as tax strategies or debt management solutions (refinancing, debt consolidation, etc.). This may result in you having more money to invest toward your financial goals than you originally thought.

  • Family Risk Management (Insurance): Even the most well-intended plans can fail in a second when faced with a sudden familial death, disability, or long-term-care need. By taking a closer look at your insurance policy, I can provide you with insights as to whether your current plan is appropriate to protect your family in a time of need or whether it needs modifications.

  • Retirement Planning: What are you hoping to achieve with your retirement? Identifying this gives me a starting point for determining the level of assets needed to fund that vision. Regardless of how close or far away your retirement is, I can detail the necessary steps to take in order to turn your goals into a reality.

  • Education Planning: Educational savings plans can be confusing. I can help you understand how your savings will affect your child’s or grandchild’s ability to qualify for financial aid; learn what the implications are for your income, gift and estate tax situation; and create a plan that doesn’t interfere with your other goals.

  • Legacy & Estate Planning: Ultimately, a legacy plan is what ensures that your wishes are upheld at the time of your passing. I can help you devise a plan to reduce the stress and red tape associated with the loss of a loved one, and more importantly, minimize potential estate taxes and maximize the funds left to your family.

  • Business Planning: The last thing you want is to be faced with the challenges of using your business as a sole means for retirement or lacking protection from a potentially devastating financial loss. I can help by implementing strategies to protect your business, improve cash flow, taxes, and more.

  • Special Situations: Whether it’s planning a wedding, taking a dream vacation or encountering unexpected expenses, having a plan in place can make all the difference in ensuring your financial future remains secure. Together we can create a path for whatever financial challenges or opportunities arise.


If you have any questions about this or other tax and investment related topics, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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